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Variety is a wallpaper manager for Linux systems. It supports numerous desktops and wallpaper sources, including local files and online services: Flickr, Wallhaven, Unsplash, and more.

Where supported, Variety sits as a tray icon to allow easy pausing and resuming. Otherwise, its desktop entry menu provides a similar set of options.

Variety also includes a range of image effects, such as oil painting and blur, as well as options to layer quotes and a clock onto the background.


As a system package

Variety is available in the distro repositories of:

Ubuntu PPA

Variety backports to older Ubuntu releases are available at https://code.launchpad.net/~peterlevi/+archive/ubuntu/ppa

Install from source

To install Variety from source, you will need Git, Python 3.5+ and distutils-extra. To actually run Variety, you will also need the following:

Runtime Requirements

  • GObject introspection / GIRepository bindings for:
  • Python 3 libraries:
    • BeautifulSoup4
    • lxml
    • Cairo bindings for Python 3 (e.g. Debian/Ubuntu python3-cairo)
    • Cairo PyGObject integration (e.g. Debian/Ubuntu python3-gi-cairo)
    • ConfigObj
    • Pillow
    • pkg_resources (from setuptools)
    • Requests
    • Optional: httplib2 (for more quotes sources)
  • Optional: imagemagick (for wallpaper filters)
  • Optional: feh and/or nitrogen: used by default for wallpaper changing on i3, openbox, and dwm

See debian/control for an equivalent list of runtime dependencies on Debian/Ubuntu.

Install steps

  1. Clone the git repository: git clone https://github.com/varietywalls/variety.git && cd variety

  2. Run python3 setup.py install. By default, this will install Variety into /usr/local; for a local installation, use python3 setup.py install --prefix $HOME/.local.

  3. Run variety from the command line or its desktop menu entry!