11647 Commits (production)

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  James Lu c7192d8d68 Add https://github.com/overdrive-irc/inspircd-extras/ as a modules source 1 year ago
  James Lu 9c21d3e17d
Readme refresh with more detailed setup instructions 1 year ago
  James Lu 6d98e09d8b Update default extras module set 1 year ago
  James Lu 552f2f5339 Revert "sources.list: Add GitHub repo OVERdrive-IRC/inspircd-modules" 1 year ago
  James Lu 20e5e7aa8c Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/insp20' into production 1 year ago
  James Lu 5fba87fb42
Update README 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 53d822a7d1 Release v2.0.25 1 year ago
  Peter Powell c2f9865bb8 Don't mess with the encoding of extras modules in modulemanager. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell a137eb1c26 Various minor documentation fixes. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell f57dbb6dbe Work around removing shuns on nicks when the nick is online. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell e83506b7ab Revert the code changes to m_sasl made in commit 9d4b4344b4. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 8f83c6709f
Merge pull request #1255 from genius3000/insp20+timedbans 1 year ago
  genius3000 3eefb336c6 Improve (synchronize) the notices in m_timedbans 2 years ago
  Peter Powell 9375c63337
Merge pull request #1359 from genius3000/insp20+sasl_no_server 1 year ago
  genius3000 9d4b4344b4 Inform the client when a SASL message cannot be sent 2 years ago
  Peter Powell 52de083afc Use InvalidateCache in the sockaddrs overload of OnSetClientIP. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 473d990d62
Merge pull request #1410 from jcjordyn130/insp20 1 year ago
  Jordyn/The Linux Geek 5f3360a217 Fix CMD_RESTART with relative paths as argv[0]. 1 year ago
  Adam 7b7953aaf2
ConfigReader: fix compilers optimizing NULL check in ConfigTag::readString() 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 7e4cc45149 Fix sending a malformed 410 numeric when sent empty CAP commands. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell f237007bc1 Fix the command table not being case insensitive. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell a5d110282a Update wiki links to use HTTPS and point to the correct pages. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 0337b92c15 Include connection security with the SASL host information. 1 year ago
  James Lu 0f15c830db Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/insp20' into production 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 314f5f65df Fix the command for enabling m_sqlite3 in modules.conf.example. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 6c6dbb427b Fix killing elined clients on [gkz]line in some cases. 2 years ago
  Peter Powell 5fc4403f62 Fix m_cgiirc allowing malformed hosts sent via WEBIRC. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 1bdf114d37 Fix {Host,IP}MatchesEveryone using Match instead of MatchCIDR. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 45fc75457b Use DLLManager::RetrieveLastError() on all platforms. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 1f2a8e4db6 Fix mistakenly hardcoding the halfop prefix char in timedbans. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 3469711d29 Update the link to the CIDR subnetting charts. 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 151dbdaac5 Merge pull request #1347 from SaberUK/insp20+ctcp-action 1 year ago
  Peter Powell 5c65a0a03d Add ADMIN to the list of commands that shunned users can run. 2 years ago
  Peter Powell b6a2b91f8f Merge pull request #1283 from SaberUK/insp20+mailmap 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar d99cd3ece0 Merge pull request #1333 from SaberUK/insp20+openbsd 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar 249489c813 Merge pull request #1343 from SaberUK/insp20+securelist 2 years ago
  Peter Powell b105e9366b Fix exempting CTCP ACTIONs in m_blockcaps and m_noctcp. 2 years ago
  Peter Powell 44b3e02e1a Update the securelist exemption for IRC-Source's crawler. 2 years ago
  Peter Powell e413076207 Tell OpenBSD users that they need to use a different make command. 2 years ago
  Adam b7facc2474
Release v2.0.24 2 years ago
  Adam a92b6b7af4
m_override: fix parentheses compiler warning 2 years ago
  Adam fc4fc43ec2 Merge pull request #1094 from SISheogorath/insp20+fixed-Override 2 years ago
  Adam e551823825 Merge pull request #1328 from Adam-/insp20+sakick 2 years ago
  Adam d8c72fd7af Merge pull request #1284 from Adam-/insp20+preregcloak 2 years ago
  Adam 692865acd5
m_cloaking: don't apply cloak to already cloaked users during registration 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar eafabe15d6 Merge pull request #1330 from SaberUK/insp20+mm-inc 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar f24239657e Merge pull request #1321 from SaberUK/insp20+permwarn 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar ad86259193 Merge pull request #1269 from Adam-/insp20+saslhost 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar df8015951b Merge pull request #1230 from SaberUK/insp20+ipcache 2 years ago
  Attila Molnar 00498efb00 Merge pull request #1318 from SaberUK/insp20+dumpver 2 years ago